Green Badge Qualified and Accredited


I am both a qualified Green badge guide and a registered private hire driver and operator.  I can supply tour guiding services for half days, full days, or indeed multiple days.

Discover Wales

Tour Guide Services

I am both a qualified Green badge guide and a registered private hire driver and operator.  I can supply tour guiding services for half days, full days, or indeed multiple days.  See below for details of my vehicle, but for groups of up to 4 passengers I’m your man!

Larger Groups

For larger groups there’s also scope for me to be able to help on your visit to Wales.  I’ve contacts within the transport sector, and can introduce larger vehicles (from 6 to 56 passengers!) to take you around.  And with these I can also provide bespoke guiding services from a front seat.


Rates are available on demand, but I believe it’s competitive for a local service which allows you to experience my home country through the lived experience of someone who’s lived here almost 58 years.  It’s seeing Wales through local eyes.  

Answers to Your Questions

What Does Wales mean to me? +

It’s a big question, but I’d try and distill it down to a few words: –  Landscape, History, Community 

The landscape almost speaks for itself.  Wales may not have the highest mountains, longest rivers, remotest woods or beaches in the world, but you’d be pushed to find anywhere were there are all those things, and a whole lot more, crammed into one little country.  

History of Wales +

The history of Wales goes back to before the Romans.  The survival of Wales, and the Welsh language over a period of two thousand years is a remarkable tribute to its people.  As the world’s first ever industrialised nation, the story of how metal, coal and slate made this the centre of the world’s early industrial revolution is fascinating – and of course history evolves seamlessly into current affairs and how Wales might be in years to come.  

Welsh Community +

Underpinning it all is community, how people in Wales – irrespective of where they came from – live today.  As someone who was born in, and lived most of his life here I try and convey what everyday life is like.  The language is a huge part of this, and probably will be for many years to come.  

What’s the Perfect Tour? +

It all begins with you!  What are your preferences?  An active tour going from sight to sight, or a more leisurely pace to stop and savour?  A quick look at several areas, or a more in depth period in one town or county?  

What Should We Go See? +

Looking at castles (we’ve got one or two!) could be your perfect day, or maybe a walk along a coast path or through a wooded valley.  Perhaps industrial heritage, or even visiting a small village where your great grandmother was born is what brings you to Wales?  Or a combination of all these over a few days  

Whatever it is, get in touch and we can suggest something which will fit exactly what you want.  And if you want to change it half way through, then we can be flexible! 

Areas Covered and Getting Around

For now, I’m available to join your group – whether that’s as a hop on guide to assist you on your vehicle or as a walking guide at your town.  As I’m based in Pembrokeshire then I can travel to meet you at any of that county’s tourist favourites – such as St Davids, Pembroke or Tenby.  

I’m based near St Davids right at the Western edge of the country, so if your trip involves an onward (or return!) journey to Ireland then the ferry ports of Fishguard or Pembroke are only a short drive away.  I worked near Llanberis for a whole year in the quarries opposite Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) so collections from or to Holyhead won’t present any difficulties.  

I can also collect people from Bristol (always a good excuse to visit my daughter!) to bring them into Wales, or you can start your tour in Cardiff, a city I called home for 30 years.  

Having been born in the heart of South Wales, had family in Mid Wales, worked many years in and around Cardiff (and done innumerable family trips all around the area) and now living and working as a guide in West Wales there are few places in South and Mid Wales where I can’t get to without a map (although I do keep one handy!).   

I’ve also worked in (and under!) North West and North East Wales, and excursions to those areas are also a favourite of mine.

Driver Guiding

I am a registered private hire driver, with a fully licensed, registered and insured vehicle able to carry four passengers plus me!  The vehicle is a Skoda Kodiaq – the largest in Skoda’s fleet of SUVs.  You can be driven around Wales in a vehicle perfectly suited to the weather and road conditions (be they motorway or farmer’s track – we frequently encounter both in one day!). 


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